Thursday, 12 April 2018

Hire Great Gatsby Dancers for Ultimate Entertainment

If you are planning for a great Gatsby party entertainment the first thing that you need to lookout is to hire experienced and professional great Gatsby dancers who can actually set your dance floor on fire with their 1920s entertainment. The Swing Patrol troupe offers vintage dance performers for the 1920s entertainment and you can actually find some good great Gatsby dance performers for you to hire their services. Swing patrol is a community of dancers that has been dedicated to the popularize the yester year dancing styles like Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, Solo Jazz and Blues to the infectious and energetic music of the late 1920s. So when you want to add that vintage touch to your party you can contact swing patrol for their dancers who are more than happy to perform at corporate events, private parties, product launches and other ceremonies popularizing the vintage themes and offering great entertainment to the customers.

Great Gatsby party entertainment

You can find swing patrol offering their services for recreating the fun through their Gangster, Blitz or Great Gatsby entertainment for the client events. You can choose the different packages they offer for performing at your events. If you choose the grand slam package you can just relax while they take care of everything to make your party a great success. They help you right form choosing the best venue for your party based on the theme and also the number of guests you are inviting for the event. They can help you with choosing the best MC’s services, arrange full bar, find the best DJs and also mood dancers who come dressed up in vintage clothes to recreate the atmosphere and fill the dance floor preparing your guests to enjoy the party. They also help you set up a photo booth and also hire hair and makeup artists so that everyone can actually turn up in vintage style to enjoy the party thoroughly. The swing patrol performers just rock your dance floors with the Great Gatsby performances along with offering one or two lessons to your guests so that everyone can shake their legs on the dance floor. They also come up with small competition that would further add to the entertainment and involve everyone in the party.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Add a Vintage Touch to Your Party with 1920s Entertainment

Swing Patrol is a dancing community that is dedicated to popularize the yesteryear dancing style by offering classes and performances of the Swing Dance. The swing dance is very much popular through the early nineties and has taken the world by a rage of variety styles of dance to the joyous and jazzy music offering great fun and entertainment to the swing dance lovers. Lindy Hop is considered as the mother of swing dance which is practiced and taught by the swing patrol team. Along with this swing dance they are also very much fond of other vintage dances like Blues, Charleston, Balboa and solo jazz so much that if you want the 1920s entertainment you can simply approach them who shall add a vintage touch to your party.  You can find 1920s dancers for hire from Swing Patrol to perform at corporate events, award ceremonies, product launches or private parties adding a lot of fun and entertainment in a unique manner. They can perform to any themes like the Great Gatsby, Blitz or Gangster to offer the 1920s entertainment to your party.

1920s dancers for hire

The Swing Patrol team offers different packages for one to choose for their parties like the Grand Slam, Speakeasy or City Slicker for a fabulous performance at your party. If you choose the Grand Slam package everything is taken care by the Swing dance patrol right from helping you choose a perfect venue suitable for your party to organising the bands, MC services and also a full bar for your party. Mood dancers shall fill up the floor while you can enjoy incredible dance performances from the first class troupes of Swing Patrol. A choreographer also helps to customise your show if you have something specific in mind and the DJs shall strictly play a mix of only vintage tunes perfect for your party theme. The dancers also offer one or two lessons to your guests so that they can also shake their legs to the music and join the dance floor for ultimate fun. The photo booths are also arranged so that everyone can share their fun through social media with their vintage looks derived by the hair and makeup artists.

Swing Dancing London

The swing patrol offers competitive price for the 1920s entertainment and you can surely have a wonderful time with the 1920s dancers for hire to make your party a grand success with vintage touch.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

1920s Dancers for Hire

The 1920s Dancers for Hire Offer Ultimate Entertainment for Your Parties

If you would like to add the Blitz party entertainment to any event or occasion you can contact the Swing Patrol troupe who offer 1920s dancers for hire. Yes, Swing Patrol is one dancing troupe that has dedicated themselves to the yester era dancing styles like Great Gatsby, Blitz or Gangster themes that are very much popular during the 1920s. If you want the same fun and entertainment of that era you can find dancers who are experienced in Lindy Hop, Solo and Balboa dancing styles that make you feel nostalgic about those dancing styles. Swing patrol offer exclusive packages for Blitz party entertainment where you can simply relax while they take care of all the arrangements right from helping you find a suitable venue for the party, choose the bands and DJs, MC services, arrange full bar and fill the floor with mood dancers. They also offer you expert 1920s dancers for hire who rock the floor to vintage party tunes offering ultimate entertainment to your guests. They also bring in hair and makeup artists so anyone interested to transform themselves into that style for a vintage look and take one or two dancing lessons from the dancers then and there to shake their leg on the dance floor. They also run competitions for the guests and also arrange photo booths so that one can share their memorable night direct to the social media platforms for others envy.

1920s Dancers for Hire

It is not just performances in the corporate events but the 1920s dancers for hire can also be contacted for team building days, weddings and hen parties, school workshops and other festivals out outdoor events to offer great entertainment to the audience. Swing patrol not only just offer their services for performance but they also conduct dance classes in the vintage style to all those enthusiasts who would like to learn dance at any stage of their life. One can join the dance classes based on their skill levels and become experts in a dancing style to perform at parties or in the swing patrol shows. The swing dance is not just a dancing form but surely uplifts one’s spirit to release their energy and stress in a fun manner and also make a great workout for those who would like to reduce their calories. To join the swing patrol dance classes you can simply go through their portal for the venue and pay the fees to enhance your dancing skills to become the 1920s dancers for the joyous music style.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Great Gatsby Dancers

Make Your Party a Grand Success with Great Gatsby Party Entertainment Services

You find many people who are interested in the 1920s entertainment and if you are one among them you can check out with Swing Patrol for such dance performances. Yes, there are many fans for the great Gatsby party entertainment, Blitz or Gangster themes for a party and the Swing patrol dancers are experts in this kind of dance style. Swing patrol is a community of dancers who are committed to popularize the yesteryear dance styles like swing dancing that is performed to jazzy and joyous music during the 1920s. You can now enjoy the same dancing styles with a modern twist by the great Gatsby dancers from swing patrol. You can hire their services to perform at your parties and offer ultimate entertainment to your guests. They offer vintage themed and swing dancing entertainment to any event whether you are organising a weddings and hen parties, corporate events and office parties, team building days, festivals and outdoor events and also school workshops.

Great Gatsby Party Entertainment

As you hire services of the great Gatsby dancers from Swing Patrol they shall take care of the whole event right from assisting you in finding the best venue to arranging bands and MC services along with a full bar. They offer you the best performances in the great Gatsby theme and also encourage everyone in the party to try out a few steps on the dance floor. The DJs strictly play only vintage or a mix of those tunes and you can surely be thrilled bringing back the 1920’s entertainment onto your dance floors. They also assist in setting up photo booths, hair and makeup for all the enthusiastic guests who would like to learn a few steps and show their talent on the dance floor. You can surely have a fun filled night with the swing patrol dancers taking charge of every aspect to offer ultimate entertainment to your guests.

Great Gatsby Dancers

It is not just offering party performances but the Swing Patrol troupe also conduct classes in and workshops to all those who would like this swing dance irrespective of whether they have any touch in dance or not. Classes are offered for different skill levels and once you are perfect with some moves you can also join the swing patrol troupe for performances at parties or in the dancing festivals popularising the 1920’s entertainment once again in this era.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Great Gatsby Party Entertainment

Great Gatsby Party Entertainment Can Add Versatility to Your Party

Those who are planning for a vintage themed entertainment can check out for Swing Patrol that is dedicated to bring back the 1920s entertainment to the public. Yes, Swing Patrol is a dance troupe that is committed to popularise the yesteryear dance forms like Lindy Hop, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Charleston and Blues. These dances are of high energy and infectious moves that are performed to the joyous music of the late 1920s. Anyone who is interested in learning this vintage dance style can join Swing Patrol who offer classes at different levels for both the beginners as well as those who have some dance experience. The Swing patrol not only offer classes but also participate in different dance festivals and competitions along with offering their services for a hire. If you are looking for a great Gatsby party entertainment or a Blitz party entertainment you can simply contact Swing dance patrol who shall send in their performers to bring a vintage touch to your party and ultimate entertainment to your guests.

Great Gatsby Dancers

The Swing Patrol teaches vintage style dance and offer their performances at your corporate parties, weddings, product launches or any other event for entertainment. They also choreograph dances for events and can be hired to break the ice in office team building events and other office parties. Especially if you are looking for the Great Gatsby or the Blitz party you can choose the complete package from Swing Patrol who shall take care of all the arrangements to make your party a grand success. They help you identify the party venue, pick up the best bands, MC services and also arrange a full bar for your party. They also bring in photo booths and hair and makeup artists to ensure everyone transforms to the vintage style to thoroughly enjoy the great Gatsby party entertainment or the Blitz party entertainment as per the party theme chosen. The dancers help the guests to learn a few steps so that they can rock the dance floors and join in the party dancing to the strictly vintage party tunes from the DJs.

Great Gatsby Party Entertainment

There is no doubt that choosing the vintage dance styles for your party would surely add great entertainment and versatility to your party with the guests enjoy a fabulous time in your party. The performance packages from Swing Patrol come in the best price and you need to block the party date by booking for their services at the earliest to avoid last minute disappointment.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

1940s Dancers for Hire

1940s Dancers for Hire Can Recreate the Magic of That Era with Their Performances

All those who love the still love the 1920s entertainment can hire the Swing Patrol dancers who bring you back those beautiful memories of the yester era performing to the electrifying music of that generation. Swing Patrol is a dancing community that is formed to encourage everyone who is interested in learning the swing dance style to the joyous music of that time. Swing dance encompasses of the dancing style Lindy Hop along with Balboa, Blues, Charleston and Solo Jazz. These dances with a modern twist have become very popular now days with many wanting this dance performance in their parties. Swing Patrol offers classes for all the enthusiasts who would like to learn swing dances irrespective of their age or their skills in dancing. There are classes offered at different levels for one to learn swing dance and once they are ready with the moves they are given an opportunity to dance in the social gatherings and also take part in the dance festivals. The Swing patrol also offer their 1940s dancers for hire to perform at different corporate events, product launches and office parties adding a vintage twist to the dance floors and performing to the themes like Blitz, Great Gatsby or Gangster.

1920s Entertainment

You can hire the 1940s Dancers for Hire who add a vintage twist to your party and bring you back the 1920s entertainment making people talk about your event for the years to come. You can choose the grand slam package in case you want to simply relax and enjoy the party while the Swing Patrol dancers shall take care of everything to make your party a huge success with ultimate fun and entertainment. Their complete package for entertainment covers everything right from planning to execution of your party within your budget. They help you find a stunning venue, pick up the right bands, MC services, DJs and dancers to offer incredible floor shows to entertain your guests. The dancers just don’t limit to their performances but also offer one or two dance lessons to the guests encouraging them to rock the floor and have a wonderful time in your party. They also ensure to bring in the hair and makeup artists for that vintage look along with photo booths to share your enjoyment direct to the social media.

1940s Dancers for Hire

Swing patrol ensures that you and your guests have a wonderful time being entertained with the 1920s and 40s dance themes by recreating that authentic atmosphere for your party.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

1920s Dancers for Hire

Swing Patrol Offers You the Best 1920s Entertainment with Their Performances

Swing patrol is a community of dancers that encourages people to learn and enjoy music in their life. They promote dancing styles of the late 1920’s like Swing dance which is a combination of fun and versatile dancing style like Lindy Hop, solo and Balboa. These dances are performed to the 1920’s famous Jazzy and joyous music. If you enjoy that dancing style you can join the dance classes conducted by Swing Patrol and be part of the 1920s entertainment to hit the dance floors. The dance classes are offered at different levels and anyone who has an interest to learn dance irrespective of their age can join these classes based on their skill levels to learn the Swing dance movement and perform in the social dances, festivals and other venues. Those who are inspired by this dance are making Swing dance a part of their routine that not only offers great relaxation to the body and mind but also a cardio workout to keep you fit. In case you are looking to have the 1920s entertainment in your parties or events you can contact Swing Dance patrol and check out the 1920s dancers for hire to add a unique vintage touch and magic to your party or events that would never be forgotten by your guests.

1920s Entertainment

The 1920s dancers for hire offer packages for dance performances suitable for your favourite themes like a Great Gatsby, Blitz or Gangster adding that vintage touch to the dance floors. The 1920s dancers for hire perform at corporate events and office parties, weddings and hen parties, festivals and outdoor events, school workshops and also team building days adding offering the best experience to the viewers and the participants. If you choose their full package they shall take care of everything while you can relax and enjoy the party along with your guests. They help you right from choosing the best venue to the bands, mc services, bars, dancers, performances, DJs, lessons, photo booths, hair and makeup etc to bring out the 1920s ambiance to your party and enjoy the incredible performances by the 1920s dancers for hire. The Swing Patrol creates the authentic 1920s atmosphere and takes you down the time line with a vintage touch to your party. The packages are very much affordable and you can book the dancers by filling in your form with the date and the venue so that they come down to offer you the best 1920s entertainment without any compromise.